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Acids in Safety Bottles

Safety and high quality from the same bottle!

Customer issue

Glass bottles have very long useful lives. As containers for all manner of chemicals, they remain a valuable inert material for everyday use in the laboratory. Yet however much care is taken, breakage does occur. It is something that simply has to reckoned with. Serious injury, contamination or consequential damage can be the result. You can avoid it with us!

Our solution

All our experience in dealing with the hazard potential of acids in glass bottles has been incorporated in the specifications of the new "Safebreak" bottle, the safest safety bottle!

"Safebreak" is a glass bottle coated with polyethylene. Should e.g. the bottle fall and break, the liquid and glass splinters are reliably retained within the polyethylene coating. Each Safebreak bottle is fitted with a screw cap made of polyethylene but with an integrated PTFE component. This cap renders the bottle absolutely airtight so that no liquid or vapour can escape.

Benefits for you

The computer-designed exclusive Safebreak bottle combines all the advantages in one: It meets all safety requirements and it ensures that the customer receives exactly the same quality of content as that dispatched from us. It can be incorporated in all logistic systems.

The Safebreak bottle withstands considerable impact force. Should a breakage occur, the acid and any glass splinters can be reliably contained and the user cannot be injured by escaping acid. Even after frequent opening and closing, the screw cap remains perfectly intact so that the environment is protected from leakage and contamination. The bottle can be easily and ecologically disposed of and re-used, just as the conventional glass bottle, and the PE is burnt off without affecting the environment. No vapor can contaminate the workplace environment!

More information:

Download Brochure "Just in case - Acids in safety bottles" (PDF, 385 kB)
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