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Welcome to the new Merck

We have made it different

The new Merck brand embodies our vibrant global business that makes a meaningful difference in the world. It reflects how we have transformed over the last decade into a global science and technology company that makes a meaningful difference.

Our new look and feel is inspired by the forms and colours seen under the microscope. It captures the essence of our work: making people’s lives richer through detail and discovery.

Our appearance is a bright step into the future for our business, but our focus on product quality and customer care is unchanged. We will continue to deliver the very best for our customers and partners around the world.

The name's Merck...

We are now simply Merck across all businesses. Merck Serono and Merck Millipore will appear as Merck in the future.

The only exceptions are in the USA and Canada. Here EMD Serono and EMD Performance Materials will retain their current names. Our life science business EMD Millipore will be renamed as Millipore Sigma

Although we operate under different business names, all our businesses are united by a common purpose: to advance technologies for life. We aim to cocreate a better world with our customers, patients and partners.

We are Merck

We live in a world of possibility

A world where exploration and discovery are celebrated. Our meticulous and research-driven businesses deliver diverse, high quality products that enrich lives and enable us to share business success with our customers.

Set up in Darmstadt, Germany, in 1668 by Friedrich Jacob Merck, we are the world's oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company. Over the course of 350 years we have become a truly global company. Our 40,000 people span 66 countries and are united by their passion for new ideas, the possibilities of technology, and the potential to make a difference in the world.

A Pioneering Company That Advances Technologies For Life

Across healthcare, life science and performance materials, we bring specialist and high quality products to the world.


From groundbreaking prescription medicines that treat conditions such as cancer and infertility to over-the-counter products for colds and pain, our work makes a difference to millions of lives around the world.

Life Science

Providing scientists and engineers with best-in-class technologies, lab materials and services we are dedicated to making research and biotech production simpler, faster and more successful.

Performance Materials

Developing specialty chemicals for particularly demanding applications, we provide groundbreaking liquid crystals for displays, effect pigments for coatings and color cosmetics, as well as high-tech materials for the electronics industry.

Taking Science Further

Our solutions enable scientists to spend more time advancing the promise of science; our technologies detect the previously undetectable; and our products make it possible to monitor live cells in intricate detail. In effect, we empower science.

Our products make cutting-edge research possible. We develop solutions that make lab work quicker, easier and cost-effective.

Our customers expect our products to set the benchmark in quality and efficiency. Merck is synonymous with precision and purity andour Milli-Q® water purification systems reflect this, providing exceptional filtration technology for the lab.

Similarly, our Chromolith® columns for high performance liquid chromatography support a more efficient process by simplifying and speeding up the analysis of complex samples. The use of a highpurity silica gel saves time by cutting out the need for sample preparation enabling researchers to generate results typically four times faster than with standard particle columns.

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