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What matters most to you as a Food and Beverage producer?

Bringing wholesome and safe products to market fast.

Contaminated food or beverage can cause severe food poisoning, with serious consequences for the victim. Hence, the food industry faces ever-increasing regulations in many countries.

How do you get there? We know how.

Thorough precise management of raw materials, in-process control, quality control and hygiene monitoring are key to safe food and beverage production. Rapid and on-the-spot testing for microbiological as well as chemical contamination enable you to minimize time to market place.

What makes us different?

Merck has developed a range of innovative products and solutions specifically tailored to the needs of food and beverage companies. They provide rapid and objective answers to all current and emerging analytical, microbiological and hygiene issues. What’s more, they leave absolutely nothing to chance – the hallmark of reassurance from Merck. With our extensive portfolio, you’ll not only benefit from rapid, reliable results, but also from lower laboratory costs, in-depth expertise and dedicated service.

Merck Products for the food and beverage industry


Our portfolio

  • Raw Material Control
  • Cleaning and Hygiene Monitoring
  • In-process Control
  • Quality Control
  • Process Water and Wastewater Monitoring

Your success is our success.
Every day the people of Merck focus our passion and energy to helping customers advance their work towards better human health.

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